Sophomore Year

The year I decided to return.

I must admit, when I first chose to come to Oklahoma I was not certain of how I would like it here, i thought I may just come for a year and then return home, but I ended up falling in love with the campus, people and opportunities that I have found here.

I started my fall semester with a BANG, I became the PR chair for The United World student organization and for the Headington College Council, and finally got into my major related courses. This was the semester where I became certain that what I was doing was right for me, sure it was tough, I often didn’t get enough sleep, but my passion kept me going, this was the year where I produced various pieces of work that I am proud of displaying, such as my short film and commercial projects.

Now I am in my second semester of my sophomore year and I cannot wait to see what other challenges await me, I will produce more video projects, I will write more scripts and I will develop my cultural and literary skills.