08.2016 – present: University of Oklahoma

Major: Creative Media Production

Minor: Anthropology

Member of the Honors College and the Residential Colleges

08.2014 – 05.2016:  UWC Red Cross Nordic

IB diploma (international baccalaureate)

08.2013 – 06.2014:  Borgarholtsskóli

Completed the first year out of three for a Graphic Design associates degree.


Work experience

11.17 – present: Research assistant at the Experimental Geography Studio at the University of Oklahoma

My assignments include marketing and outreach to possible future students, logo design and event photography.

Summer of 2016 and 2017:  The Icelandic Mountain Guides

Worked in the supplies department where I prepared trips and communicated with guides and customers.

Christmas 2014 and 2015:  The Icelandic Post office

Sorting and preparing mail for delivery.

08.2013 – 08.2014:  Subway 

Worked included cleaning, preparation of food and customer service.

Summer 2013 and 2014: Vinnuskóli Kópavogs: Útilífsnámskeið Kópa

Scout summer courses for children between the ages of 8 and 12. Work included cleaning, child care and planning and preparation of programs.


Courses and other experiences

Spring 2017

Practicum with The Set – OU TV, music show.

04.2017: LGBT Ally Training

Completed at the University of Oklahoma

02.2015:  21 hours first aid course

Completed a 21 hour first aid course held by the Norwegian Red Cross

08.2015:  Kayak leader course

Completed at UWC Red Cross Nordic.

2006 ‐ Present:  Scouts

I am an active member of the Icelandic Boy and Girl Scout Association. There I have gained various skills i.e. related to leadership and the outdoors.

2005 ‐Present:  Classical flute

I have played the classical flute for the last 12 years, 8 of these years I had regular classes at a music school but the last few years I have played by myself. The highlights have been playing in a marching band for the Danish Queen and playing as a solo artist at a dinner party for the Norwegian Queen.



Language knowledge 

Icelandic: Native speaker

Danish/Norwegian/Swedish: Speak and write very well

English: Speak and write very well


10.17 – present: Public Relations Chair for Headington College Council

My assignments include poster design, social media outreach, communication within the college and event documentation.

04.17 – present: Web Chair of the United World student organisation at the University of Oklahoma

My assignments include poster design, advertising events and photograph events.

01.17 – present: LGBT+ Program Advisory Board at the University of Oklahoma

I plan events for peer education of LGBT+ issues and fun events for members with and from outside the community to interact such as the event Tie Dye with an Ally + Pie which was held the spring of 2017.

2014 – present: Red Cross (Icelandic and Norwegian)

I had various assignments regarding refugee support and integration into the society.

08.2014 – 05.2016: Gender and sexuality group member and leader

Prepared meetings, held presentations and planned and executed  educational week programs for the members of the school community on gender and sexuality.

08.2014 ‐ 05.2016: School paper, yearbook and photography club leader

I taught other members how to use Adobe software as well as the use of photography editing software and digital cameras. I was the main editor of the yearbook and the school paper as well, examples of my work can be found here.

10.2014 – 10.2015:  Events management team at UWC Red Cross Nordic

I helped with preparation and execution of various events at RCN such as board meeting, graduation and other special occasions such as the Norwegian Queens visit to the premises. My main tasks included photography, design of menus and information booklets, and  decorations.

Spring 2015 till winter 2016: Leirskule at RCN UWC (camp school for Norwegian school children) 

Taught children between 9 and 13 how to kayak. I went on 2 hour trips in the fjord by the school with them. This was a weekly activity where I interacted with a different group each week.

Winter 2014 till spring 2015: Sport for kids in Flekke

Weekly games and play with 3‐6 year olds in the neighboring community.

2012 – 2014: Scout leader for 8‐10‐year‐old boys


Proficient in Microsoft Office; Word, Excel, Powerpoint

Proficient in Adobe software; InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Lightroom


2016-2020: Davis UWC Scholar at the Univeristy of Oklahoma

2014-2016: Full governmental funded scholarship to  attend UWC Red Cross Nordic