Portrait of me drawn by my dear friend 

Hello there, fellow internet traveler! 

I see that you have found my little ethnographic study on the Fey. I am going to share with you how I came to write this blog ethnography and perhaps a little bit about the types of stories I hope to be able to share with you.

But first of all, I am going to tell you a tiny bit about myself. My name is Svangur Durtur, a proud Dwarf of the Durtur clan from Sogn og Fjordane in Norway. The Durtur clan has always been more interested in rocks and trees than other Fey and people, but that changed with me!

When I was a young Dwarf I would venture to the nearby villages and observe the people, I would go up into the mountains and talk to the Trolls, I would walk to the lake and talk to the Nokken and I would read all the books I could find on Fey from all over the world! When I was old enough I went to the Trolltunga University in Southern Norway, I received my Bachelor and Masters in Feypology from there. Now I am working on my Feypology PhD at the Dwarfen University in Northern Norway, where I have the opportunity to teach like-minded youngsters while I do my field work.

As I mentioned earlier I have always been interested in this topic and especially our, the Feys’, intersection with the humans and why we don’t seem to get along. I have been told many times that I should just look at our history and how they have always treated us like garbage. I believe that there is something more behind this. I mean, history happened in the past, and that is such a long time ago. That makes me wonder why we have not changed our ways. 

To answer these questions, I decided to go out into the field and talk to as many different Fey as I could and ask them about how they feel about humans. I was lucky enough to hear a lot of interesting stories and now I understand us Fey much better. My hopes are to use this acquired knowledge to better see how I can help break down stereotypes and hopefully start getting some Fey/Human interactions going again. 

I hope you enjoy some of the stories you can find here: the Nokken, Trolls and Elves await you!

A picture that I took on one of my many hiking trips up into the mountains to visit the trolls when I was doing my Masters Dissertation on their food culture.


Ethnography: Scientific description of people or Fey cultures. 
Fey: What us “fairy tale” creatures call ourselves, mythical beings such as dwarfs (like myself), bigfoot or Sasquatch, fairies, and all my other fellow humanoids that do not fall under the homo sapiens race.
Feypologist: The individual that studies people or Fey and their cultures.
Nokken: Shape-shifting water spirits from Western and Northern Europe.
Troll: Also known as Giants, live up in the mountains all over the world.
Elves: Homo sapientes, or humans, that were forced into hiding by God.

Do you have any questions for me? Are you a Fey and want to share your story? Please contact me here.

Are you too shy for an interview but still want to contribute to the research? You could fill in this handy Google Survey (a human invention that I love) here